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October 31, 2005

Strong Tenants and Leases?

In the centre of Johannesburg, South Africa, the CCMA building ccma-building.jpg is up for auction.

Look closely at the auction advertising banner ccma-auction.jpg and you see the phrase "strong tenants & leases".

The two known tenants of the building are the CCMA, the South African labour dispute resolution body, and the Zimbabwe Consulate.


So just one strong tenant and lease then.

October 20, 2005

The Plug and the Cupboard

Ever felt the need to install a power socket in a cupboard for those little conveniences, like a place to plug in the alarm system, or the place to plug in the ethernet switch that feeds the apartment?


The plug was installed first, and the cupboard was installed last. How could you tell?


This was what greeted me on the day of handover of my shiny newly built apartment in Lonehill, Johannesburg. With all the sales people and the project manager all on site, I brought them in to explain, and they could do nothing else but cringe with embarrassment and promise a swift fix. After looking at swapping the cupboard around, we agreed to just cut a notch into the back of the cupboard so that a power plug would fit comfortably.

To me, "cut a notch" meant using a jigsaw to cut a clean edge, and finish the edging in the same white trim on the front of the cupboard.

Their contractor didn't disappoint.


Apparently using a drill to cut a bigger hole was the way to go.

The fun continues.