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MTN Don't Contact Us

So you're roaming in the US, right.

And you mobile phone provider MTN has roaming agreements with T-Mobile and Cingular.

And you could roam on and send messages via these two providers on monday. But now T-Mobile refuses to let you connect. And Cingular will let you connect, but refuses to let you send SMSes.

So you decide that MTN should probably get to know about this, right. So you go to the contact us section on their website, write out a whole message, and click on their cute little "next" button, right?

And nothing happens. In both Firefox and Safari. And no, you don't have a Windows PC, and no, neither does anyone else, because this is the US and everyone and their cat has a Macbook Pro.

Do I have the patience and time to sit on hold at international rates so that someone at MTN might eventually answer and take note of the roaming problem? Do I have the patience and time to try and explain to some clueless and selfish web developer that actually I don't care how clever they believe their javascript submit button is, all I care is that their contact form submit button works, like submit buttons have worked for the last ten years?

Can I not escape the international embarrassment of the ZA telecoms market for just a single blessed week without *something* coming over here to haunt me?

On the plus side, my trusty webserver is down the road, and as I type this the connection to it is blindingly fast compared to normal.

One must be thankful for small mercies.


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