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The Madness of Visual Source Safe

So I am working on this project, right. And Microsoft Visual Source Safe is being used as the source control software, along with the VSS plugin for Eclipse.

Yes, I know.

Anyway, so I would like to abandon some changes made to a file. Basically revert to what's in source control. So I select "undo checkout".

A message pops up, and the message says:

"/alchemy-trader/ivy.xml was checked out from c:\winnt\profiles\steynh\My Documents\develop\alchemy-trader. Check in anyway?".


First of all, the path c:\winnt\profiles\steynh\My Documents\develop\alchemy-trader doesn't belong to me, it belongs to another developer entirely.


Then, I asked it to "undo checkout". It now wants to check in?


Our new replacement Subversion server is finally configured and ready, and the switchover for this project and others is imminent.

Thank goodness for small mercies.


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Basically, another developer said "Yes" when they checked out the file you already had checked out and VSS asked them if they really intended to do that. So it checked, and was told it's ok. In order to undo-checkout it needs to revert back to a previous version, which was prior to when the other developer checked it out. You should be mad at the other developer, not VSS.

Getting mad at a developer doesn't bring missing code back, nor does it undo the wasted time on your project.

Developers are expensive, and strong relationships with them are highly valuable. Unnecessarily blaming a developer when a suboptimal tool was being used is a short sighted and expensive approach to the problem.

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