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Marketing in Trees

The other night by accident I caught the pilot episode of Warner's Men in Trees, as shown on the MultiChoice M-Net channel.

South Africa, like Europe, is gripped with mobile SMS marketing. It is a rare competition indeed that does not require you to enter via a premium rate SMS. And M-Net doesn't miss an opportunity to pepper a new show with some revenue generation.

The M-Net Men in Trees competition boldly asked you to SMS the name of the item that the Anne Heche character throws at the end of the show, and then promptly showed a clip of the item being thrown, the key scene at the end of the episode.

And this competition clip was shown during each and every ad break from the beginning to the end of the show.

I am not sure about you, but I don't particularly appreciate somebody interrupting the program I am watching to give away the end of the program I am watching, for the purposes of a cheesy SMS competition. Particularly when the channel is a premium rate channel a subscriber has to pay a subscription charge for.

A marketing muppet needs a wakeup.


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