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May 24, 2007

Press Ctl-Alt... What?

ABSA Bank has a novel solution to the internet cafe keylogger security problem. They install PCs in their branches for customers to do internet banking, convenient, yet safe!


Only Microsoft's approach to security involves pressing the Ctl-Alt-Delete combination before you can get going.

Challenge: Find the "control" and "alt" keys on this keyboard:


Yes, those four blank keys really do nothing.

May 13, 2007

Sorry We're Closed

Saw this at the entrance to one of the waiting rooms at Balham station south of London.


May 3, 2007

Industrial Accident?

Let's pretend you're the guy giving the quote on accident liability insurance for this building site.

Would you consider this an ingenious solution to an obstacle in the way of your scaffolding, or do you consider this one well placed stumble over the end of the plank away from a few tonnes of scaffolding and building material going straight through a corrugated iron roof into the hut below?

Tough one.