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More Fun with Apple TV

So I took my Apple TV to be swapped out today. The Apple Store in regent street starting asking why I had taken "so long" to return it but stopped that question in their tracks when they saw my face.

Brand new Apple TV, repeat the installation process, and what do you know? The new one is as broken as the old one was.

It got better.

While at the Apple Store, they sold me an AppleCare Protection Plan, which my pinky toe told me I am going to need. According to the instructions, you have to register your AppleCare online.


Turns out the AppleCare Protection Plan needs to be registered online using your existing Apple ID.

No worries, go to http://www.apple.com/uk/support/register and follow the prompts.

One of the prompts asks you for the country - the UK, where the AppleCare Protection Plan was bought.

What follows is the message "Our records indicate that the service you are trying to use is not available in your location".

Or in English, "Our support service is broken, just like our Apple TV".

So why the rant?

Apple represented a dying breed of companies who believed that technology is an enabling thing that makes people's lives easier. But now it seems they are falling into the same trap of general sloppiness that blights the computer industry and the internet the world over.

I've seen the future, and it no longer works.


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