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Fly Zoom At Your Own Risk

Having recently had the need to book an air ticket on Zoom Airlines, it was only a matter of days before the wheels had fallen off on the booking, and it became clear that I needed to have a conversation with customer service.

However Zoom airlines goes to some considerable trouble to ensure that customer service is as far removed from the customer as humanly possible.

Do yourself a favour: Don't ever put yourself in a position where you need to contact Zoom Airlines customer support. The easiest way to do that, is to just not book the ticket in the first place.

If you do want to contact Zoom Airlines customer support, you are invited to their customer support page.

Here you encounter your first problem - you need a username and password to continue. If you don't have a username and password, you are doomed to their contact us page. If you do have a username and password it is a moot point - the login form is incorrectly flagged as being non-editable, and the login button is missing, making login impossible.

So you head off to the phone, and use one of the contact details you find in their contact us section.

It however quickly becomes apparent that Zoom airlines offers reservations, flight information, and lost luggage options only. If you have any other business with the airline, your call is not welcome.

So, trying the reservations people, it was ascertained that:

- Despite capturing the full name and contact details of the person who made the booking and the payment (me), that person is not allowed to gain access to information about the booking.

- The service agent refused to put the call through to a manager.

- The service agent refused to divulge details of Zoom's webmaster, to which the login problems could be reported, confidently and repeatedly asserting that because the website worked for them, the website should therefore automatically work for everybody else.

- The service agent refused to identify which web browser she was using, citing the "data protection act".

Getting nowhere with this service agent, next stop was the reservations line in Canada. The question this time round was what the contact details of customer services were.

It turns out customer service goes out of its way to ensure that you cannot contact them via email, nor can you contact them by phone. In this age of the internet, your options are limited to fax, or by post, to an address not listed on their website.

If you have a complaint with Zoom in the UK, you had better be patient, and you can post your letters to:

Zoom Airlines
Suite 3-4 Skypark 1
8 Elliot Place
G38 EP
United Kingdom

Or save yourself the trouble and just don't fly Zoom.


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